Daily Life

And a rider.
And a rider.

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve written. I guess that’s part of life with three kids, not lots of spare time. And when I do have spare time, I’ve been knitting. But anyway. The bike. It’s gradually becoming my vehicle of choice, even in January. And here’s the bald faced truth:
It’s not raining that much.
Right outside Seattle.
I know!

It is grey, but that is decent biking weather.
So whenever I don’t have the baby, I’m using the cargo bike. That’s right. Here’s what I’ve done on it:
1. Transported my laptop computer, binder, and research books all to my studio on one side, with my son’s swimming gear and towel on the other, a bag of fabric to make a quilt stuffed in there too. AND, then I managed to stop for coffee (note to self, throw away cup spills in drink holder, must bring cup unless I want latte splattered all over road) and then head to eight year old’s school to meet the principal (uh, yeah, that was not in my plans). BUT, it worked BECAUSE I could just load my son into the back and take him home with me–just as if I’d had a car. Huzzah! If only getting him to control his temper was as easy. Any suggestions? I digress.

2. Loaded it up with work stuff again and headed to the theatre. I haven’t yet tried to load costumes on it, but with no children on the seats I imagine I could spread them over the back of the seat, strap them on, and arrive no worse for wear. If I do, I’ll post a pic. OH-Work–the non-kid variety. I’m designing Snow Falling On Cedars for the Bainbridge Performing Arts. More on that some other time. Anyway, my binders, designs, research books, supplies, all fit nicely.  The theatre is less than a mile away. Will I ride in the dark? Not sure. I do have lights, but it gets DARK here. Maybe not. Would you?

3. Six bags of groceries and the five year old! As seen in photo. She sat with one bag, and everything got home safely. No problem, no parking space needed. Again, huzzah.

It is so fun to ride–and we’re always getting comments. A lady commented–It’s like a family car! while I was going by–and it is. Without gas. And some days it’s my only physical activity! So that is definitely worth it.

Onward and forward!

Knitting instead of Writing But isn't she cute?
Knitting instead of Writing
But isn’t she cute?

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