New Phase

Daddy takes a spin
Daddy takes a spin

Well, child #3 was just getting too big for the front seat! She was pushing buttons, kicking her feet out of the stirrups, grabbing my handle bars. It was time to move her back!

Installing the Yepp Maxi was surprisingly easy, I had to cut out a section of my cycle’s baseboard and the seat fit in. Getting the clips that hold the baseboard on to fasten tightly was the hardest part and took some pressure and holding by the 7 year old. But there they are, smiling. The base of the seat does mean that the bags hold less cargo, but I can use the seat for stuff when it’s not in use–even buckle in a grocery bag!

Now child #3 is finding ways to annoy her older sister, by tugging on her helmet or pulling her hair so we figured out that sister can sit backwards. Plus, it’s more encouragement to get her on her own bike. I’m already contemplating a time when the kids all bike themselves and I can turn the rear into full on cargo.

But that’s a ways away.

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