Bike Everywhere Month

Which makes this month just the same as every month for me, but hey, that’s the Cascade Slogan.

I did get to lead a school train of cyclists, which made a fun morning, and we’ve got family friends who are biking to school more often, so that’s exciting.

I know you can see me!
I know you can see me!
Ready to Ride!
Ready to Ride!

My son is such a cycling pro that he rode ahead, not wanting to embarrass himself riding in a cycle train. Huh. Anyway, I would lead one of these everyday if there was interest. Read here about how starting the day with a ride/walk/movement is better than riding the bus (or being driven, obviously). =)

Do your kids have a safe route to school?

Anyway, I wanted to mention that I wore my Vespertine Cinnabar Riding Dress, which has always been a Riding Jacket to me–and you will not miss me to the road–between that bike and that jacket, I am covered under conditions other than complete night, and I like that.

Plus, it’s actually a good looking piece of clothing that doesn’t scream “Riding a Bike!” and it’s made in the USA by an independent designer. All things I love. It took a bit of a beating back in February in my crash (broken buttons, torn fabric) but hey, better than more skin off! I still need to fix it. I think I’ll go work on that. Added bonus with buying from a small company? Sarah from Vespertine sent me spare fabric to fix it. I love actual customer service with real people.

Next agenda item: Get my daughter (the 7 year old) to believe in bike safety. She is still a crazy rash rider who has to be watched at all times and believes Stop Signs are optional. Not a rider I can let ride home from school on her own. Any ideas for me?

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