Emerald City and Beyond

Do we need a sippy cup?
Do we need a sippy cup?

Emerald City Shirt

This afternoon I was speeding on the XtraCycle to get to school in time to meet my kids and I rode up behind a hipster wearing jeans and a white blazer. I passed him on the hill and he called out “How are you doing that?” I replied “I’ve got a motor. And I’m late to get my kids!” He responded “Great bike!” and I rode off with a smile. And made it to school just in time.
It’s been a beautiful few weeks on the bike and my cyclocross bike as well. The weather’s great, and I’m cycling as much as possible. This morning, I picked up a case of wine and put it on the bike, to upraised eyebrows and smirks. Of course, that could have been due to the toddler on the bike as well. Don’t worry, I didn’t have a straw or anything.
And, a few weeks ago, Jacob and I rode the Emerald City ride in downtown Seattle, which was just pure joy. A cool, overcast morning meant we weren’t hot, and we grabbed the light rail to the university with a crowd of other cyclists who took over the train cars.

Mother and Son
Mother and Son
We Own this Train
We Own this Train

The Cascade emails had reminded us that only 2 bikes were allowed per car and I duly notified my son. However, everyone just ignored this rule for the morning and even the plentiful station security said nothing.

There were many great things about this ride.

  1. I got to do a 21 mile ride with my 9 year old! At the end, he said “Mom, can I do this ride by myself next year? So you don’t slow me down?” I wasn’t slowing him down. But soon enough, I’m sure I will be. Stick with me just a bit longer, kiddo.
  2. The bridge-we rode with a huge crowd across the not quite finished 520 bridge. Super cool. Ditto on the express lanes of the 5. Impressive and a dream with only bikes!
    Look ma, no cars!
    Look ma, no cars!.

    3. The snacks! We stopped in the International District for fresh spring rolls and dumplings. Best break food ever.


    You will never eat another cliff bar if this keeps up.
    You will never eat another cliff bar if this keeps up.

    There were even fortune cookies with bike fortunes.

  3. Again. Spring rolls! Fortune cookies!
  4. After the ride, we met up with friends at Ravenna Park-more riding, no problem. And then, Jacob wanted to ride back downtown, not take the Light Rail. He wasn’t even tired. We found a convoluted way with part of the Burke Gilman closed. I’ll have to do better on that, because it wasn’t very picturesque. But the actual ride was stunning–water views, tree views, riding through parks and neighborhoods, bridges, tunnels, highways. What a great city. Jacob admitted some parts were as pretty as Bainbridge Island. But he still doesn’t like downtown. My kids are country kids.

We got back downtown and the kid still wasn’t tired. He’s nonstop.

I’m sure in a few years he’ll be off and speeding without me, but I’m glad to get this in. Sure beats driving on those roads in a car. I’m looking forward to the summer.

Up Next: Sara from Vespertine sent me fabric to repair my riding jacket dress that ripped in the accident. So I’ll post about that when it’s fixed. She said if I get a good picture, she’ll feature me on their website! Stay tuned.


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