And We’re Back

Well, I’ve been back on the bike for a few weeks now, feeling a bit shaky, but riding anyway. It seems to be stable. Here’s the deal:

The amazing Tom from B.I. Cycle (if you live on Bainbridge, you must go here!) picked up my bicycle from my house (!) when I’d told him I’d had an accident on my cargo bike. Then, both Gabriel and Tom were my advocates with XtraCycle, –they called Xtracycle, they got them to send a new fork and new fenders absolutely free. They discussed the issue and encouraged XtraCycle to fix it.  I believe in Xtracycle and I want them to succeed. I’m glad they responded well. I’m glad I wasn’t more hurt and neither were my kids. I know they’re a small company. This was really scary. Should I have trusted my bike? Should I trust it now?

The issue? The quick release bike wheel came off with very little warning (besides a horrible scraping sound right before I fell). It should not have done that. It has something to do with the way the parts are built and the weight of the bike–and it’s happened to their bikes before! Tom and Gabriel showed me the different parts of a quick release wheel and fork and how it could have been built safer and better. They offered me a stronger skewer with more safety features that they felt would not fail. XtraCycle is working on a different system but it is not ready yet. They will let me know when it is.

So now what? I am checking the quick release very frequently. I am more cautious. Which I should have been to begin with. I am still riding with my kids on the bike, after checking. Accidents happen, and I was lucky.

Is this smart? I love my bike and the way I feel on my bike and my kids love it too. Is it smart? Is it safe parenting? Is it worse than a car?Baby on Board

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