Yeah, I Got This

It's our homemade tricycle.
It’s our homemade tricycle.

Ok, so I haven’t written as much as I’ve thought of writing. I guess that’s life right now. But I’m putting this one down quickly.

A few weeks ago now, my son was having a rough day. He was having a hard day, then we went to soccer and he worked it out except right when we were ready to leave, he got hit in the stomach with a ball. Oooof. And then he was supposed to ride home with me? Not going to work. He was exhausted, hurt, and just done.
Well, lucky me because I have an XtraCycle!
And, thanks to Madi Carlson (a Seattle Family Biking regular and family biking advocate), we always keep bungee cords in it, just in case. So, I could not have fit Jacob’s bike in my Prius without a bike rack, but I fit it on my bike, put him on the seat, and we were golden. He rested, we got everything home, we laughed about it. Thank you, Seattle Family Biking.
We were quite the sight! But we made it home with smiles. Again, I love my bike.

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