No picture today. Because when you are sprawled on the pavement and your bike is in pieces, you just don’t think of taking pictures.
Luckily, I was on the road LESS traveled.
So, yesterday afternoon I biked to a quilter to drop off a quilt I had pieced to get quilted. It was a lot of uphill and I was glad to be getting the exercise because piecing a quilt is just not that much physical output but I wanted to get it done.

I got done with the drop off, talking to the lovely woman and her husband about how much I loved my bike. They were amused because no one had ever dropped off a quilt by bike and they were looking for a car.

Then, maybe a minute into my downhill ride, the bike starts making a scraping sound and before I can think about it I am sprawled on the pavement, screaming and checking that I can move my body. My helmet is off and the bike is lying at strange angles on the pavement.
A woman with an SUV stops her car and helps me move my bike and myself to the side of the road (I never got her name, so thank you kind neighbor!!) She is about to load me in but she has her young son with her and ANOTHER neighbor with an empty minivan pulls up and offers to take me home. Her name is Chris and I am so appreciative for her and her minivan. The wheel of the bike is separate from the rest of the bike, and the hooptie is loose. I’m sure something is shorn off the front fork. She and the other woman help load in the bike and me and she takes me home.
I am ok. I have many colorful bruises but I am so so thankful a car didn’t crash into me and I didn’t have any children on the bicycle with me. And I’m so thankful for kind people who helped. Even Jeff, from BI Cycle came and picked up my bicycle to take to the shop. So I’ll be able to see what happened, hopefully. At least how bad the bike is. And just about when I was going to sign up for Chilly Hilly and Emerald City Ride!
Ok, time to start healing. Argh.

Holidays with Cargo Bike

I haven’t written in a while. This is becoming a refrain. Ok, well I’ve been meaning to post these pictures for a while, so it’s going to be a quick post.

One of the reasons I bought my bike was that I was always taking short trips in the car to carry bulky stuff that wouldn’t fit well on a bike or backpack.

So, I’m proud to show off, in the category of

Things that Are Not Usually Transported by Bike (Please tell me if you have…)

  1. A 20-lb Thanksgiving Turkey
    I'm sure glad this wasn't a live turkey.
    I’m sure glad this wasn’t a live turkey.

    So, we are very “Northwest” which could be taken to mean in this context that we buy our Thanksgiving turkey from a local farm, about five miles away. So off I cycled (you could say “killing two birds with one stone” as in it was also my exercise for the day) to pick out our turkey from Heyday Farm on the south end of Bainbridge Island. I got veggies and lots of stares and the farm helpers also took pictures. It was loads of fun.

  2.  A Disco Ball and Accompanying Lights
    Party on Wheels
    Party on Wheels

    We had a kid dance party at noon on New Year’s Day just because. Because none of us were going to stay awake for New Year’s. Because we have a local Buy Nothing group where we sent out a call to borrow a Disco Ball and a neighbor lent us one. Because who doesn’t love a dress up dance party? It was a small party, but the disco ball made it rockin’. We called it New Year’s in Dubai, which is where it was midnight at the time. And we brought it by bike. Here is what our living room looked like:

    Add Lights, Will Dance
    Add Lights, Will Dance

    Happy New Year All! Happy Cycling.