Moving, moving moving.

Baking Class
Baking Class

Lately, I have been pushing the capabilities of my Xtracycle, trying to get in as many miles as I can. This is a picture of all the materials I needed to teach a baking/science class at my son’s school at the end of the year including bags of flour, cookie sheets, and all the tools for making banana bread. Success!

Then, and the reason I haven’t written much lately, we moved. NO, I’m not one of those amazing people who completed the entire move on bicycle. BUT, I did carry a few loads the mile between our last and current home.

And three more boxes and three more boxes and three more boxes...
And three more boxes and three more boxes and three more boxes…

And I did move a Pack N Play…

Baby Not Included
Baby Not Included

And I did drop off a load at the Rotary Auction (the largest rummage sale in the world, as far as I know). As far as they know, I was the first cargo bike delivery they’d had–so there’s definitely room for improvement.

At Home and at the Drop Off Site
At Home and at the Drop Off Site


I was not successful at obtaining a bicycle for my daughter at said auction, but better luck next time. Then, I headed to the fabric store to pick up the foam piece I needed to make a new window seat.


I got some funny looks for this one. But I got it home. I haven’t made the seat yet, so I’d better get to that. All in all, a glorious success in reducing car trips and increasing fun. And proving that you (often) don’t need a car.

In other news, we had a lovely 4th of July weekend, and next year I would love to have a family biking float in our home town parade-I’m starting to recruit now-come and join me!

Your bike Ambassador,