Hello, Baby!

She's on the move!
She’s on the move!

At 5 1/2 months, I decided Lilah had waited long enough to ride. So here she is, cool as can be and strapped in. I put on the parka to shield her from the wind, and we rode Mirit to preschool, about 1 mile away. I’m not quite sure about the fit of her helmet, which was Mirit’s when she was about 1 in the trailer. Lilah did not protest though, she rode silently all the way to school, and most of the way back.

Maybe she was scared, but we’ve now ridden at least a handful of times and getting buckled into that Yepp Mini can make her stop crying when she’s been fussy. I’ll take that.

Onward, bike crusader!

I get stopped all the time by people asking about my bike. I was standing in front of the grocery store eating a sandwich last week because the store is getting renovated and there are no tables—and at least three people stopped to admire and ask about the bike.  I always try to answer questions and convince people that they could ride one like it. The best so far has been last week when I was taking a shortcut through the high school to get to the swimming pool. An official looking man (with a security hat maybe) waved me over. I thought “Oh no-am I not allowed to ride back this way? I’ve only done it about 100 times…” But no, he said “Hey, I’ve seen you riding that bike–I thought it was really unique, but do you know they have a ton of bikes like that over in Europe?” “Uh, yes.” And then he launched into the standard set of questions and admiration. People are mostly impressed, and then I tell them how easy it is to ride—I’m no super cyclist. I’m happy to spread the word though. If I get a few people to think twice about needing to own a minivan, I’m happy. =)