Pie to Transport
Pie to Transport

I needed a picture to put in this blog since I haven’t been riding the cargo bike. I hit six weeks post partum, I was all ready to put the five year old in the hoopty and head to piano lessons with her, and ooops–the bionX electric assist would not turn on. I had charged the battery in the morning, so this should not have been a problem. Argh! Denied! I fidgeted with it, got it to turn on and loaded her up (with two bags of hand me down I should mention)…and Nothing! No assist. Sadness.

After a phone call to G and O Cyclery, it seems that a small magnet (which was a sensor) had been knocked off the brake during an accident and that was probably why the assist wasn’t working. The magnet is on its way, and I should be good to go when it’s reattached.

I have done a couple of short trips on my everyday Cyclocross bike, and it feels great. But I can’t carry much, and it seems I always need to carry something! I did grab a couple of groceries in a backpack. I have to say, now that I’ve experienced the cargo bike, it was inferior! However, the bike felt very light! I’m not carrying a baby anymore.

Which brings me to the baby…definitely not putting her in the baby seat yet. She’s 2 months old, not holding up her head steadily, it would not be safe. If I had a Bakefiets and could rig her car seat in it…I still might not do it. It doesn’t seem smart to me. But I’m still curious to hear what others have done. I’m excited for spring when I think she’ll be ready.

Meanwhile, I’m contemplating how you would bring pie and turkey to friends on Thanksgiving. And admiring how Davey Oil is moving his entire household on bikes. A worthy goal to strive for, but I’m guessing not in our future. Sigh.

Happy Thanksgiving! I’m grateful for getting my body back and biking. And for my wonderful, healthy, inspirational family. Have some pie!