Baby Biker Lifestyle Fashion


Well clearly, our friends and family know what we like, because we have received 3 baby onesies with bicycles on them. They are completely adorable. So while I am wanting with somewhat desperation to get back on the bike (midwife said at least a month…Dave says wait until she clears me at six weeks!) at least I get to look at my infant and her clothes and dream of bicycles. By the way, my neighbor is still riding my cargo bike with her toddler, so it is getting use! And I bought lights for it. More on that soon.

Since I can’t ride yet (and even when I can, She can’t ride yet!) I’m looking at biking fashion. I plan on making a family bike/cargo bike/tandem bike t-shirt and onesie myself, but haven’t gotten to it yet. Here is a very timely article from the New York Times about new biking fashion.

Biking "Jerseys"
On right, both by Baby Gap, and an independent local designer on the left—but with no label.

Two of my favorite hobbies are integrated here–as well as technology integrated into clothing. When I was designing costumes in Philadelphia in the early 2000s–we were always looking for new ways to light up clothes on the stage–and since LEDs weren’t widely available yet, it usually involved large battery packs and wires for not too much bang. These new options are incredible. And very cool looking. So look out for me in that cape in the not too distant future.